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I'm Amy Pham, a designer striving to create experiences that will shake up the industry by harnessing the powers of

Power Poses

A museum exhibit using full-body interactions endeavoring to prove that we have power over how we feel, even in our powerless moments.

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A mobile game that turns phone time into a workout.

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Get Read-y AR

An exploration of augmented reality interactions to help students manage their reading time.

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Nest Schedule Redesign

A reconstruction of Nest's online thermostat scheduler designed and developed from start to finish.

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The Importance of
Self Care

For the people who lose themselves in their work, I created an animation to tell people it's ok to take a break and take care of yourself.

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USA TODAY Mobile Experience

Working with a partner, we studied and explored how USA TODAY can take part in the fast-paced, busy life of a millennial.

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Blue Fever

A startup with an SMS chatbot that emotionally supports teenage girls.

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If you want to have a chat about new media-ish, design-y things, or otherwise, drop me a line!

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