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Blue Fever is a startup company focused on emotionally supporting teenage girls. Their main product is an SMS chatbot named Blue that responds to text messages with supportive media.

I worked a little over a year as a Designer/Front-end Developer, helping them define their design process, create a number of products, and strengthen their visual branding. This is a collection of some of the work I've done for Blue Fever.

BFF web app


Thousands of Blue Fever users wanted to talk to a BFF, but there were only 20 BFFs.

BFFs (Blue Fever Friends) were users who volunteered to help other users through emotional situations by supporting them in the way a big sister would. This includes listening, talking out problems, and perhaps sending a video.

All the information they needed was spread out over multiple platforms and they all shared one account on a third-party messaging system.

Team: me + 3 developers


Reduce friction to become a BFF

Condense current features from multiple platforms into one platform

Scale our BFF system to accomodate hundreds of conversations at once


Thousands of users signed up to be BFFs

Hundreds of users were approved to be BFFs

At least 100 conversations occured in a single session

Unfortunately due to the nature of the conversations, we had to monitor each one closely which required too much effort to continue. The system was shut down after several sessions.

referral program


As a small startup, incentivizing users with a referral program is a good way to generate unpaid user growth. It's also a good way to capture the fact that users want to share our product.

In addition, we wanted to show our gratitude to users who have already shared our product without incentives.

Team: me + 1 back-end developer


Incentivize users to invite their friends to use Blue Fever

Give users an easy way to share Blue Fever

Thank users who do share Blue Fever with rewards


Hundreds of referrals each month

The marketing team had a means to run campaigns with

Personally, this project challenged my development skills. I learned how to use the D3 library along with how to interact with the clipboard on a device.

dialogflow trainer


We found that when users unsubscribe, it is often because our AI, Blue, did not understand their messages, and therefore did not provide a helpful response.

A few people on our team trained Blue using a third-party system called Dialogflow, but they could not get through nearly enough messages in order to keep up with the amount of unsubscribes.

Team: this was a solo project


Allow users to train Blue to significantly increase the amount of messages Blue recognizes

Make the act of training Blue entertaining to entice users to come back frequently

Give users some way to share what they are doing

digital sticker rewards


(some) WIP logos

customer service tool

I was tasked to make a page for FAQs, but saw the opportunity to do even more to help our customer service team.

Along with a customer-facing FAQs page, I created an admin page that contains the same content, but with an added feature. Admin users can click the link button next to a question to copy and paste the direct link to that question in customer service messages.

FAQs page

admin facing

links to
customer facing

survey ads

Instagram content

website assets

pitch deck


In addition to all the technical skills, the most valuable thing I learned at Blue Fever was communication. Being a developer and the only designer at the company, I was often the person communicating between the tech and product teams. I learned to keep tabs on what each person knows and made sure to share any information that would be helpful.

It was also exciting to design and develop things that were used by so many people. And seeing how products like the BFF web app impacted users moved me to tears. I am very grateful for the time I've spent at Blue Fever, and hope I can continue to create products that have a positive impact.

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