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About Me

My name is Amy Mai Phuong Pham

I'm a generalist interested in all parts of a digital product. I have a ton of fun designing, coding, and animating. These skills help me design by making me aware of everything that goes into creating a product.

I care about making meaningful interactions, but what I'm REALLY interested in is interactions that don't require screens. The way technology evolved has made it inherently connected with screens, but I think we've become too quick to decide on screen-based solutions when they may not be the best suited experience. My goal in life is to learn more about how we can utilize non-screen interactions to create more meaningful experiences.

Outside of professional life, I have an obsession with jellyfish, and a few of my hobbies are sculpting, swing dancing, and juggling.

If you share any interests, I'd love to talk about it!

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