The Importance of
Self Care

Motion Graphics


After attending a talk about self care for artists and designers, I became extremely aware of how stressed and doubtful the people around me were. So many of my friends were pulling all-nighters, sometimes multiple in a row. I felt compelled to make this project to tell people that:

It's hard to admit that we need to take a break sometimes. We get exhausted and stressed over perfecting projects and how our futures depend on our work. But it's ok to take a break and it's important to take care of yourself.

Writing the Script

To understand what exactly I needed to tell people, I interviewed my friends and classmates to find out what their doubts were and what they needed to feel better. Later that week, my interpersonal communication class happened to cover social support. I took this chance to interview my professor and learn how to better respond to the doubts I found.

art direction

  • calming
  • gentle
  • dreamy
  • warmhearted

Style Frames


Interviewing people allowed me to figure out what I needed to address to make sure my message gets through and that the video has the right effect on my audience. I also got to give more consideration to narration and sound design, which are components I've never worked with before. This project overall drove me to be aware of every detail, even if it's not in my expertise, in order to best deliver message.

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