The Importance of Self Care

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A few days before starting this project, I attended a talk about self care for artists and designers. The speaker did well in covering basic care techniques, but couldn’t answer any of the questions asked in the Q & A. These were serious questions that everyone often asks themselves, and I felt that they needed to be addressed.

After that experience, I became extremely aware of how stressed and doubtful the people around me were. So many of my friends were pulling all-nighters, sometimes multiple in a row. I felt compelled to make this project to tell people that:

In a field like design, where the only effort we can put in is time, it’s hard to admit that we need to take a break, sometimes. We get exhausted and stressed over perfecting projects and how our futures depend on our work. But it’s ok to take a break and it’s important to take care of yourself.

Writing the Script

To understand what exactly I needed to tell people, I interviewed my friends and classmates to find out what their doubts were and what they needed to feel better. Later that week, my interpersonal communication class happened to cover social support. I took this chance to interview my professor and learn how to better respond to the doubts I found.


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