myCourses Redesign

myCourses is a site used by Rochester Institute of Technology to facilitate students’ progression through their coursework. It is the main interface through which professors and students manage their classes.

The site covers basic needs, but its design could be improved to increase efficiency and better support students in their coursework. Streamlining actions and improving the overall organization will allow students to save time that can be spent working on assignments.

  • skills focused on
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Prototype Animation


7+ 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Number of visits a week

At least once a day

5 min 10 min 20 min Over 1 hr

Approximate time per visit

5-10 minutes

Students typically go on myCourses in short sessions to complete a specific task.


Posting Content

Professors can post documents describing assignments, links, or any other information helpful to the course


Due Dates

Dropboxes are labeled with a deadline and can be closed at that time



An application for students to submit their assignments



Message boards opened by the professor for anyone to post and respond to messages

Features used the most

Dropbox and Due Dates

Both of these features focus on turning in assignments which shows that it is a high priority for students.

*This feature does exist but it is hard to notice.

Comments on features

“I enjoy how teachers can post lecture notes.”

“It’s easy to submit files and a receipt is emailed to you.”

“The dropdown list for courses shows old courses that clog it up.”

“It would be convenient to be able to read content while still [having] a navigation to open the other content sources.”

Students seem to be satisfied with the primary functions of the site, but some features have poor organization or affordance.


  • Home Page
  • Submit Assignment
  • Course Page

I took inspiration from dashboard interfaces because they are designed to organize and clarify large amounts of data. As students typically log on to myCourses in short sessions throughout the day, they should be able to quickly complete their task and log off to work on their assignments.

Clicking on the submit button of an assignment will open a Dropbox modal for students to submit a project without leaving the current page. This allows students to efficiently submit and go on to other tasks without disrupting their flow.

Students should be able to generally find what they need from the home page. However, course pages will contain additional material specific to a course.

Hover over a highlighted area for more details

Early Alerts notify a student if they are failing a course. These are placed at the top of the page so the student will notice them.

Updates and Due Dates are placed above the fold for immediate access, as these features are used most often.

The current semester will always be expanded in the navbar and display courses the student is currently taking.

Courses from past semesters are accessible in the navbar. Each semester can be expanded to navigate to its courses.

Students can save links to related sites to navigate to.

Students can see what is due for the week. They can also navigate to see the original assignment post or submit their work directly from the home page.

News posts are generally not pressing, but students will see notifications when they are posted and can read them here if they are interested.

Students can submit to other projects by navigating through the Project Browser.

If they want to see the posted content related to the project, students can click here to review content.

Submitted projects are shown with a score if the professor has already graded it.

Submitted projects that have not been graded yet can be edited or resubmitted.

To submit a project using a file browser, students can choose whether to find the file on their computer, their myCourses locker, or their myCourses Groups locker.

Students can add comments with each submission. When added, each comment can be removed or edited. Professors can also comment on submissions, and students can reply.

Secondary Navbar links to pages relating to the course.

Grades are shown at the top of the page to give the student an idea of how they are doing in the course. Any missing assignments are also shown here to ensure the student knows they need to submit these.

Information about the course instructor and their office hours are displayed here for quick reference. Students can also click on the instructor's name to email them directly.

Course news posts are less prominent here because they are not used very often and usually do not contain much content. Students will still see notifications when they are posted and see them here if they are interested.

Students can see the most recently posted content here or open the content browser. Course Outlines and Sources will be default folders and will always be visible.

School policies must be shown on all course pages to make certain that students know of them.


myCourses should have the same feel as an office, a designated place to work that promotes productivity.

  • sharp
  • precise
  • organized
  • polished

Final Design


It was interesting getting to redesign something I personally use almost everyday. I got to rethink functions that already exist. These functions were fairly complex, so with this project, I needed to focus on creating clarity through visuals.

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